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Bruce-and-Cheryl-2013_300x300Cheryl and I welcome you to our very special shopping mall… In Your Home Mall where you have all the conveniences of home while shopping all over the country at the very stores you would normally have to drive miles to search for those special deals, special gifts, unique items, etc. If you love shopping without the inconvenience of crowds then this is the place to be. If you hate wasting time and money on gas going from store to store searching, travel no further than your computer. If you love searching on the internet for special deals, then go to one place for comparison prices and cashback deals. We are all about saving money, so now we can share with others the very same opportunity in finding great deals without the hassle or cost to our customers who also include our friends and family. Welcome to our SHOPPING MALL In Your Home!

Have you ever gone to a movie and shared the experience with your friends and family? And how many people told you after your recommendation on the movie went to see it… and thanked you? Did anyone pay you for that recommendation or referral? How often have you told friends and/or family about the great deal you found, or that new dress at Macy’s, or how about those great jeans at Sears and received a check for referring them when they purchased at those stores as a result of your referral?  Probably not! That’s where we come in… now you can. With over thousands of brand name stores with over 50 million products and services all at your fingertips and for you convenience.

But hey, like us, you can still go to the store to try on those shoes, or jeans, shirt, jacket, etc. then use your smartphone to make the purchase in order to get the cashback. I love going to Home Depot, walking around, getting the exact paint needed for repainting the office, and when I see the latest BBQ Grill that I want to take home with me, I simply pull out my smart phone, go to Home Depot through my site and boom… I paid the exact same price as in the store along with getting cashback. It all adds up.

There are so many ways to shop and save, that is why we have put this site together, so you will have a place to come for ideas on how to save… places to save… ways to save… and learn by testimonials from our customers on what they did and the great savings they made.

Bruce and Cheryl Swartz are Independent UnFranchise Owners with Market America, Atlanta, GA, 678.399.3652


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