Can you Own Your Own Business?

Have you ever thought about what if… what if I got laid off, what if I got downsized, what if I cannot meet my financial obligations, what if I can’t send my child to college, what if I got sick and could no longer pay my mortgage or car payments? What if…?

What if you aren’t getting paid what your worth? I had a huge revelation when I retired, the company I worked for had a contract with an organization which they contracted me out to. When I told them I was retiring, they did not want me to leave and offered to pay me half of what they paid the company I worked for. In other words, I would get paid directly from that organization. I was blown away at how much I was really worth, but not getting paid. What is your worth?

So what are the benefits of owning your own business? Aside from the above mentioned what ifs, owning your own business can have pluses and negatives attached to risks and rewards. Mitigating those risks was what I was most interested in, and given my career as an analyst, I knew I had to make sure I did not find myself blindsided like so many do when they get into a tight spot.

I did not start my business solely on a financial basis. It came as a result of my own personal health issues nevertheless, a business was formed which originally was only to help me to turn my illness around. When I retired however, I had that oh wow moment and I knew then I would never put myself in that position again. Then it dawned on me, why would anyone want to be simply be OK with the status quo when it comes to their current financial situation if they knew there was another way?

It was not planned, but because I did my research into finding a solution to my health situation I inadvertently found a rock solid solution to even my own financial shortfall. You see, the government never keeps their promises and my retirement was not all that it was promised to me. I am not getting into the politics of it all, but the bottom line, I did NOT have control over my own financial situation… and I know I am not alone.

I have looked at so many other companies, so many other business opportunities and I keep coming back with the same conclusion… if a company does not have a long standing track record, if a company has not had a successful reputation, why even bother getting involved? And, if the average person cannot afford the startup cost and/or the time it would take to invest into a successful franchise, how many will even take the chance? Chances are the average person wont. The average person will just do without or find a second or third job just to survive and live with the idea they will have less time for themselves or worse yet, less time with their loved ones.

Before you ever give up, or start anything else, take some time to investigate and evaluate another possibility. What if… what if there was no risk in looking. What if there was no expense… if there was a way to get all your questions answered and even experience a business model without any cost or risk? And what if you could allow others to do the same thing in order to help you evaluate if this opportunity and business model could work, and become the solution to any of those above “what if” scenarios that cripple so many into not even trying. Watch, this presentation once, watch it twice, watch it three times then lets get together to just further investigate the POSITIVE “What Ifs” that could do for you what it has for countless others.