Recently Eddie Alberty, VP of Strategic Partnerships and SHOP Local, was interviewed about SHOP.COM’s newest program built around the concept of getting local businesses to easily partner up with SHOP.COM allowing local business owners, customers and UnFranchise owners to leverage in a win-win-win partnership.

The SHOP Local program allows local businesses to become SHOP.COM partners, enabling SHOP.COM customers to earn Cashback with every purchase made at those stores. When it was unveiled, SHOP.COM got a ton of questions about the program. This new program is a brand new concept to our business model and has been generating a lot of questions from our customers and UnFranchise Owners. We thought it would be beneficial to sit down with Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and SHOP Local mastermind, Eddie Alberty.


For more information about the launch of SHOP Local Program click on SHOP Local: Bring Business Home. And check out the 5 Minutes with Eddie Alberty: SHOP Local interview.