The TV of the Future is Here!

If you have a BrandsMart USA store near you, definitely check them out. Cheryl and I go there often… and just like anyone we enjoy comparing prices. Here is another great idea for that addition to your man-cave men! See what else they have… and with 2% cashback, if you’re going to spend any money why not get paid to do it… after all it doesn’t cost us anything to get free cashback.


BrandsMart USA is another one of the thousands of stores you will find having outstanding deals Cheryl and I cannot say enough great things about the Atlanta store. When we have visited them, their customer service was nothing short of stellar! When I asked a rep who helped us how long she had been there, and why… her why was because of their reputation for great customer service… where she had come from did not have that reputation and she wanted to associate with a company who believes in providing superior customer service. I have rated them 5 Stars.

BrandsMart USA is also one of the leading Consumer Electronics and Appliance Retailer in the Southeast and one of the largest Appliance Retailers in the country. With 9 retail stores in South Florida and the Atlanta area and growing eCommerce presence BrandsMart USA continues its legacy of offering your favorite brands at low, low prices. BrandsMart USA IS affiliated with us on SHOP.COM with 2% CashBack. Get your SHOP BUDDY and don’t miss out on CashBack.